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21 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Odd Hagwon Names

A long time ago I felt funny telling my friends I was leaving America to work at a school called Wonderland in South Korea. It sounded nuts. Since then however, I've seen far worse names. Here's a just a few:

Yeah, I work at the Tomato Academy. No, it's not a farmers school, it's a language school of course. Out of curiosity I checked the URL and the website doesn't exist. Kind of adds to the lack of credibility, one would think. Next door is the Brain Hagwon. Is it a medical school? Ah, I see - it's the English institute where they use the ever effective Brain English System. Right.

Or is it the Brainy English system? Why is the name different on the sign than on the window? Anyway it's still a weird name for a school.

Either way Brainy Smurf would be proud. "OK class, repeat after me: He smurfs, she smurfs, they smurf. Notice that when they smurf they smurf without s. Now If you open your Quotations of Brainy Smurf Volume 16 to page 452, you will see..."


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