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5 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Fashion Fraud

Julie and I stopped into Migliore over the weekend. The lastest spring fashions have arrived and they aren't pretty. Plain and simple is out; bright and obnoxiously colorful are in. What is going on this year? Julie couldn't believe it and neither could I. Take a look at this mind boggling collection of women's clothes:

Here we go. I just love that puke green and orange shirt with the purple jeans. Come on, Julie, that'll look great on you.

It's a toss up between the far off green dress and the outfit on the dummy to the right.

I thought these were clothes for old women but judging from the shirt on the right apparently not. Are young people really dressing like this nowadays?

A perfectly matching flowery outfit. Even my grandmother would scowl at something like this and she's been known to dress a little oddly.

Julie just stared at this store, shocked and unable to comprehend who would buy anything here. Not as bad as some of the other shops, I thought, but still bad, sure.

Julie really wanted this outfit but I told her forget it. She was very sad and hurt. She cried the rest of the weekend. Maybe I'll buy it for her birthday later this month...

Still a little weird but I think I've seen a few ajummas wearing these outfits around my town.

Even the shoes are outlandish. Check out that bright yellow pair on the end. Those would go well with the green shirt and red pants that Julie liked.

The kids clothes are even worse. Look at these! Would any kid be caught dead wearing such things to Kindergarten? Actually these are minature hanbok, traditional Korean clothes, for children. Pretty darn cute. There was nothing here in my size unfortunately.


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