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20 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Dilemma

I'm not sure what to do about this remaining dog, the one that lives with a chicken. I went out tonight and checked her food and water dish. There was a clump of something weird in the food dish, no water. I dumped in some dog food and tuna. She took a sniff and jumped around excitedly and then devoured it. When she finished, I took her chain but couldn't see well how to release the lever - too dark outside. She got scared and backed off. Afterward she wouldn't come close enough to me long enough to try again. She hasn't attempted to bite at all but just backs away into her "house". I tried for awhile, but all I could do is leave her there. I'm not about to climb inside and get attacked.

Basically, I just don't know what I'm doing. Maybe I should just not worry about it. I don't know why it bothers me so much. Part of me thinks the dog is better off there. She has a "house" and I guess the owner must be feeding her as she's not too thin and she appears healthy. Maybe he just feeds her in the morning when I'm sleeping and the food and water is gone by evening. Still, it's not right to leave her endlessly every day and night and I feel pity. I can't rescue every dog, but every dog is not in my backyard. I want to help this one if I can. Freeing her may not be the right way, I don't know. There's not many other choices. Yet I have to wonder if it's the right thing.


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