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5 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Ugh

I just finished teaching the three back to back 50 minute middle school classes. There used to be a break between each, now there isn't. I started them at 4:10 and finished at 6:40. The first class was one boy who didn't talk. The second, two smart kids that I actually liked teaching. The third consisted of 3 loud-mouthed girls with color phones and 3 brainless boys without a clue.

Stan showed up 40 minutes early today. He's waiting for our Friday night dinner ritual. Windy should be here shortly. Tonight we will go eat stinky chigae, chung guk jang.

Two weeks ago I asked my boss's wife for a second chair for my apartment. I'd glady get one myself, but to do so would require a total 3 hour trip to a shopping center, plus having to carry the chair on a bus. I don't want anything fancy, I said, just a place for a guest to sit. She nodded, but never said anything again about it. Today I asked my boss.

Boss: "Wae?"

Me: "For friends to sit down."

Boss: shakes his head. "No."

Me: pointing at a wooden chair in the classroom. "Where can I get simple chair like that?"

Boss: struggling hard to comprehend and reply. Finally - "Very far." laughs, conversation finished.

I guess I won't be getting a chair anytime soon, thanks boss for the help. Not that we don't have extra chairs all over the school and you'd be getting it back when I finish working here - that's OK, my friends can sit on the floor again.

Oh well, it's Friday night and time to cheer up. The jobs still not that bad, just some communication and consideration would be nice.

Julie's coming later for the weekend. By coincidence, her boss has also given her several more classes including a two hour class three times/week, and of course, with no extra pay.

I got a few pictures of the kids today and some of the snowy scenery. Stay tuned.


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