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23 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Kalbi Delight

Julie got paid last week and took me out for a wonderful kalbi dinner near her new apartment in Song-nae. She's moved there to be close to her new job teaching kindergarten. After her ex-boss played the typical bait and switch(starting her off with a relaxed schedule, then after a month adding a 2 hour long class three days a week without extra pay) she did something I respected her for: she took her money and quit. A few days later she found a higher paying job and new place to live.

The restaurant:

The only two people working here were the owner and one helper, probably his daughter. He did all the preparation including bringing out the hot coals and and running the cash register. He never smiled and looked like a scrooge, but then again, I can't imagine the overhead and stress of starting a new business in a new building in a new area of Seoul.

The meal:

Unless you're a vegetarian, is there anything better than a kalbi dinner? It's not only delicious but the process of cooking and eating is also so enjoyable. Because of the lack of help, the service was a little weak but the food was damn good. Notice the suction fan hanging over the table. Most of the newer meat restaurants are using these. I don't know - I guess they help a little but they're unsightly, obtrusive and block your view across the table.

The KLB kalbi gif movie:

Now click here, sit back, relax for awhile and get ready for a shocking kalbi visual experience you won't ever forget.


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