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22 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - A Great Week

Monday is normally easy, but now it's even easier. My first class at 4:10 is cancelled. I was told as I was walking into the classroom. So I went back home, hung out, did 10 sets of 30 pushups, and then went back for my last elementary class at 6:00. There's only three kids in that class and they have no book. They played hangman and bingo for talent stickers while I hung out in the back and wrote in my journal. Then I listened to Windy for an hour and went home.

As I was walking out, one of the teachers stopped me. Usually when this happens the news is not good. However, this time the teacher told me there's no school tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure why, but who cares! That's the best surprise I've had so far. After Friday, Tuesday is my second hardest day of the week with most of my worst classes. I couldn't believe it. I feel like I'm on a 4-day weekend now. Not only that but Friday my classes are cancelled for Sticker Market. I just go in and eat deokboki and play with the kids as they trade their talent stickers for toys and stationery items. That makes fourteen cancelled classes for the week. Assa!


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