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31 March 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Cats Update

It's funny how animals, much like humans, pick a spot and settle there. It's been almost a year and all the same cats still live out behind my apartment building. You'd think with all the freedom they have to roam, they'd search out a better spot than this. But for some reason they love this building, this small area. Between me feeding them and the other sources of food such as restaurant garbage, they have plenty to eat and they also have shelter. I guess that's all a cat needs and there's no reason to move on.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, at almost any time I look outside, one or two are hanging out. When I leave here, I will really miss this. Here's the "kitten" now grown up already and I'm pretty sure pregnant. She's got a quirky personality and the cutest meow of the bunch. Whenever she sees me at the window she meows for 5 minutes until I go outside and feed her. She used to run away. Then slowly over the months she got more comfortable and nowadays she rolls all over affectionately, letting me pet her. She used to gobble the food right down as soon as I set it out. Now she seems more interested in getting pet.

Fat Cat. He loves lounging around in the sun. He also loves being pet and rolling all over in the dirt. What a simple life. The oddball is still living with the orange cat family.

Today I felt a little bad. I only had hard dog food to give them. They've grown to accustomed to it but I usually top it off with a can of tuna or some decent leftovers. Without anything else, I fried up a big omelot. I'm not sure how much they liked it. At first they took a few bites and then laid down by my feet. I'm sure it'll be all gone later, though.

I'm surprised my neighbors haven't complained yet. However, everyone besides me goes to work early and comes home late. I'm the only one in the building during the day. The cats are usually quiet and not around later at night so most of my neighbors probably don't even know they exist.


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