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2 February 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Stressed

Well, here I am, behind on updates. I just spent an hour editing down pics from the Taiwan trip. I have to update here, the Geoje-do section, and figure out what to do with the new Taiwan section, which pics to use, what to write about. Then there's the bottle of duty free wine staring at me. What will I choose? I'll try to start the Taiwan page but no promises. I really did have a good time there. It never ceases to excite me to try new things. Boarding an airplane to some foreign destination is one of the greatest feelings. I'm lucky to be able to travel and do things that I enjoy. I hope anyone reading this blog who is thinking about going overseas to teach or just to travel should really stop thinking and just try it. If you fail, so what? You tried your best, you gave it a shot. I think trying and failing is much better than wondering. Too many people put it in our heads early on that life is about marriage, responsibility, professionalism. A career - the sound of the word makes me sick. I still remember my first job interview at a high school, how belittled I felt, like because I didn't sit up straight I was totally unworthy of being a teacher. Luckily I was able to shrug it off and do what I wanted. I'm not rich and to some I probably look like a loser. I can't deny wanting more money, but I can't say I'm not happy with the choices I've made. When the only stress in my life is about updating my website - that's proof that I'm doing OK. Well, enough of that and back to working on the next update.


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