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6 February 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Sold

I sold my notebook computer three months on for a little more than I paid for it. Not a bad deal for me or the person buying it - I had gotten a really good deal. Also, I kept it like new and installed some extra software. Now I'll be getting a desktop or a higher end notebook. I liked the Compaq, but the graphics card was insufficient and with all the downloading I do, the hardrive, 30 GBs, wasn't enough. It's not worth the price to upgrade a notebook, so I sold it. I won't have to hear that noisy fan anymore either. Now I'm back at the pc bang, but I'll be off to Yongsan tomorrow and see what I can get.

It amazes me how trusting some people are. The guy who came to get it said he didn't know much about computers really. As soon as it started he was happy and gave me the money. It made me think how easy he could have been cheated by somebody else. For all he knows, there's a Celeron processor in it/10GB hardrive, and a virus, etc. I think everybody who buys a used computer should check it out thoroughly - at least the system specs. Then again, it was nice to see someone so trusting and I appreciated it.

In other news:

My adult class likes to go out to eat every Friday. Today they took me for sam gyeop sal. There's finally a good combination of students and I'm starting to enjoy teaching them. It was rough for a while because the original students could speak English really well but many more joined and couldn't understand anything. My boss didn't care of course, as long as they all paid. But it may have backfired on him cause all of the lower levels have since quit. He should have made two levels. Oh well. I'm happy. Basically with the 6 students I have now, we just talk and laugh for 50 minutes. Everyone's happy. It's a breeze.

Julie's had the flu for the past 4 days. We're supposed to meet tomorrow. I'm sure she'll enjoy walking all over Yongsan in the blistery cold. I hope she's feeling better.


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