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9 February 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Changing Focus

I have decided to change the focus of my blog to simple daily updating about my life with an occasional picture or two thrown in. I have several reasons for doing so:

1. Because of so many photos I'm rapidly approaching my server space limit.

2. I am running out of everyday Korean things to photograph and I don't get out enough to find more.

3. I'm tired of carrying my camera everywhere I go and feeling like I have to document everything I do.

4. I want to get back to the Geoje-do story and update it more frequently until it's finished.

5. I want to write about my daily life, which I haven't been doing in the current style.

6. I have lots of Korea stories to write about which I haven't because I was focusing on photo-blogging.

Basically I think my blog will get better but there will be less photographs. While certainly easier than in the old days of making a website, the process of posting photos, from camera to the web, is still a pain and often puts me off from updating. Now I will update more frequently and include photos when I can/want.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories/adventues.


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