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25 January 2004
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Korea Life Blog - New Poll (6)

There's a new and exciting poll to vote on. Here are the results of the previous exciting poll:

favorite korean food

kimchi chigae 40 (19%)
dwen jang chigae 20 (9%)
bulgogi 27 (13%)
sam gyeop sal 23 (11%)
mandu 7 (3%)
bimim bap 15 (7%)
garbi 34 (16%)
garbi tang 11 (5%)
kim bap 11 (5%)
korean chinese food 13 (6%)

201 Total votes

In a surprise upset over garbi, kimchi chigae takes the top spot for favorite korean food. However, if you were to combine the votes from garbi with bulgogi, fairly similar meals, the chigae wouldn't compete. I personally voted for sam gyeop sal, but of course everything on this list is delicious.


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