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27 January 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Around My Home

I thought I'd take some pics around my building to give you a better idea of the area that I live in. I moved here 7 months ago from Hongdae in Seoul where I lived for two months after coming back to Korea. (Before that I lived in Ulsan for well over a year and before that Busan and before that Geoje-do.) It's quite different from Hongdae, that's for sure. Even though I live close to Suwon and about 40 minutes from Seoul by bus, it feels like I'm in the middle of nowhere, hence why I call it Nowhere-dong. At first I hated this place, but now it's really grown on me. I like the small town/country side feel. It's very quiet here, peaceful. Take a look:

This hill is directly behind my home and part of what I'd see if they put the window in my room instead of the kitchen which overlooks a bunch of buildings. Oh, well. It probably won't be long before they build something up there. I envision highrise apartments, a mini-mart, a chicken and hoff restaurant, a PC bang, and 4 hagwons.

This is what I see through the hallway window when I open my door. I like the little woods. I wish they'd take down that ugly fence back there though.

Another little woods back behind the building. The sky was very pretty today.

This is a shot outside the front entrance to the building. It's a two minute walk to everything I need.

Back behind the building again. This roads winds up the hill and into a small university grounds.

I'm not sure what's going on with this building. That's the first graffiti I've ever seen in Korea. It must be some kind of art project from the uni. Up on the right, I think that's supposed to be Guss Hiddink, the Korean soccer coach before/during the world cup as everyone knows. On the far left it says "virus in here." Hmm...

A zoomed shot of one of the main buildings of the uni. It sits way up on a big hill. I'd hate to have to walk to it as a student in the cold and windy winter, or sweating to death in the hot and humid summer.

Well, there you go. I hope you enjoyed the scenery that I see everyday. It's not that exciting but I like it. The best part is the quiet. I never wake up to people arguing, banging, horns blasting, dogs barking, etc. I don't miss that from living in the city.


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