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1 December 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Stats Update and More
Stats from main blog:

Page views today: 718
This hour: 20
This week: 4467
This month: 18527 (full stats for Novmeber)

In addition to getting a lot of hits on the main blog, I realized bstats hasn't been recording hits to the other pages such as Philippines, Fukuoka, Geoje-do links, Seoul 1, 2, etc. as part of the whole. I never bothered to think about it; I just figured nobody was reading them anymore. The previous stats, including what I posted now, have been just for the main page and archives. Last week I went in and added bstats to the other pages individually. I was really surprised to find hundred of more hits are coming in daily on those links. Lots of people are searching for "Geoje-do, Philippines Blog, and Fukuoka Blog," all of which show those pages first on Google, I discovered. Thanks everybody and I'll finish the Philippines section tonight or this week, I promise. Also I got a new writing notebook and, while at "work," have rewritten some of what I lost on the Geoje-do section. Stay tuned!


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