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21 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Dongdaemun

The same day we went to Haehwa-dong, we looked around Dongdaemun. The idea was to buy an imitation brand name backpack, but I was unable to find a decent one and ended up getting a real Puma bag later.

Here's Migliore. The bottom floor is totally made up of fake name brand items. There's one of these places in Suwon where I got my new US 55 winter coat for a mere 60,000 Won. However, in Suwon the salespeople seem much more desperate. One lady annoyed me so badly that I pulled out my wallet and said "FBI, imitation Nike!" I swear she almost passed out cold. I'm not sure how a franchise like this can get away with selling so many bogus goods. There must be some payoffs going on.

Ah, Christmas is in the air. Look at all the decorations. Look at all the people!

I'm not sure what all these people are in line for. What, is Iron Maiden getting back together for a reunion tour? I want tickets too!

Across the street is Dongdaemun stadium. I really don't have anything to say about it except that it reminds me of the World Cup. It also makes me think about all the expensive new stadiums they built in 2002 that have no purpose anymore. Do they even use them at all?

People were literally everywhere bumping and pushing. We decided to leave before we got crushed to death by shopping crazy ajummas. I just noticed another Starbucks style coffee shop sign there: Sugar Happy Espresso. No wonder why everyone is moving so quickly.

By the way, Julie is here. We're both to lazy to cook so we ordered pizza again. This happens every time. I think I need to hire a part time ajumma.


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