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29 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - BBQ Chicken

Here's a nice combo set from the BBQ Chicken franchise. In my opinion they make the best fast food fried chicken in the world. In Korea pizza is served with pickles and chicken comes with sweet radishes. I guess they take the place of kimchi, which of course is served with most everything. This reminds me of the time my boss took us all out to dinner to a place of my choice. I chose the new fried chicken restaurant nearby. My boss wondered where the kimchi was and near the end of the meal he tried unsuccessfully to order rice. The sweet radishes shown here on the left are delicious and provides a nice balance to the greasy chicken. Notice the convenient refrigerator magnet with the beautiful woman and the BBQ phone number. Can she deliver my food please? By the way, those magnets also double as bottle openers. I just love all this packaging.

OK, enough of the boxes, here's the goods. I ordered the fried chicken and Julie the yang nyeom, barbecue sauce chicken. I prefer the fried dipped in the mustard sauce. The yang nyeom is also good, but that's a lot of sauce and, while delicious, it's messy and makes the chicken slimy. You can ask for the sauce on the side though. This set costs only 11,000 won , about $10, and comes with a free bottle of Pepsi. I love how tax is included and there's no tipping the delivery goonball.

As an added bonus for Christmas (yes, that was my Christmas dinner) the order came with a BBQ sponsored calendar. I have no idea what this garble means on the cover: "west coast call greg at the studio 310 east coast call carol chislosky in newyork"...sounds like some kind of secret message for hiphop gangsters. Then to the right is the Purina symbol and "samstago 20 hermanos patchekos" whatever that means. Who comes up with this stuff? I can do better! My BBQ calendar would read: "number 1 chicken, han guk bbq. dream the chicken. magic chicken."

I need a calendar, but I don't want to look at these cheese puff teeny boppers each month - although the girl band Jewlry is looking pretty damn good for August. I guess I'll put it away in a drawer for reference until August when I'll hang it up.

Stay tuned this week for pics about my exciting trip with Julie to the Cinecore theater in Jongro where we saw Silmido with English subtitles.


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