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6 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Bar Names

I went to Gumjeong tonight to meet my friend. We went to a video room. There wasn't much of a selection. After looking for a while I gave up and let my friend pic the movie for a change. She picked one called 28 Days Later. It was really awful, boring, ridiculous. Perhaps it was decent for the genre, but I just can't take scary movies seriously and found myself laughing at how stupid the plot was. (Almost everybody in England has fled or been infected with the "Rage" virus which came from some monkeys that were being used for laboratory tests. Only a handful of normal people are left, on the run, trying to escape the "Rage" victims from biting them. Can they do it? - this is their story).

Gumjeong is a very small downtownish area 5 stations north of Suwon. At first I looked around for things to take pictures of and saw nothing. Then suddenly it seemed there was something funny everywhere. All in all I got a decent load of shots which I'll post over the next few days. First off, check out these strangely named bars:

Here's the Lotto bar. Maybe if you go here you'll get "lucky" hahah! Damn, I'm good.

It isn't the No. 1 bar. It's the No. 10 bar! It's not the first, it's the last! The ajushi at the health club I used to go to in Ulsan called me "number 10" all the while. I never knew what he was talking about. It turns out he meant number 10 as in the last person to finish the race. Huk!

If you're poor, don't go here. You're simply not welcome.

Now come on. Is this really a good name for your business? Do they mean the bar is ugly? Or is this a place to meet ugly people?

This one was my favorite, I bust out laughing when I saw it. Guus Hiddink, the ever beloved coach of the Korea soccer team during the World Cup in 2002 (if you don't already know that you are very new to Korea), has become a cultural icon. He was given honorary citizenship and for awhile there was talk tht he should run for president. No doubt he would hve won. They still use his name and likeness everywhere. This is the Hiddink No-rae-bang, or the Hiddink Karaoke club. Stop in and relive the magic. "Oh, Pilsung Korea." I never want to hear that cheer again in my life.


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