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7 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Technomart

This is a nice shot of Technomart in Seoul. It's located next to Kam Byeon Station, stop 214 on Line #2. Inside this building is every electronic item available in Korea at the cheapest prices you will find except in the Yongsan area. Why anyone would purchase a computer or TV in a department store when you can get it for so much less is beyond me, either here in person or ordering it online. The same computer I saw for sale at a department store in Suwon was 400,000 Won less here at Technomart.

There is also a movie theater in here and a food court, if I remember right. The tall part of the building is for offices only. What I don't understand about Technomart is that they have store after store after store selling the exact same brands and models for the exact same prices by way too many salespeople. Seems to me if they cut out the extra stores, salespeople, and display models, they could lower the prices considerably. The day I went it, a Saturday, it wasn't busy at all. I mean on a given day, how many people are lining up to by 3,000,000 won notebooks and 8,000,000 won TVs? Yet Samsung has at least 20 stores in here selling the same items and hoards of salespeople standing around doing nothing and display models being wasted.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Hmm, I just dreamed I can get a Samsung X15 notebook by snapping my fingers. Huk! Foiled again.

Promotional girls hanging out front. I'm not sure what they're promoting, but they don't look too enthusiastic.

Here's the Samsung X15 computer I've been dreaming about:

I've also considered the new Hyunju notebook that came out this month, which is much cheaper and has pretty much the same specs and looks just as cool.


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