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8 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - One Car

Whether it's a luxury automobile or a sports car you want, there seems to be only one of each kind to aspire to among Korean brands. Equus, a car with a look and a name that is strikingly similar to Toyota company's Lexus, is the luxury car associated with success. If you have this car, you've conquered Korea. It's the ultimate domestically made status symbol. On the sport's car side is the rather humble in price, Tuscani, also known as Tiburon. It seems to be the only sport car made by a Korean auto company and therefore, seeing as it's affordable, it is very common here. It's a nice looking car actually. One of my adult student's has the newest model. He took me for a ride in it one day, something I will never do again. There's really no point in having a sports car in Korea with the traffic and dangerous back roads. I really thought I was going to die as he took me full throttle around Nowhere-dong. It was one time I prayed to get pulled over. However, there seems to be a lack of traffic enforcement here. We zoomed all over the place without hassle. I was never so happy to get out a car in my life.

Sexy promotional girls show off the latest Hyundai Tuscani model. Yeah, I need to get me one of these. (Car or girl, you be the judge). Maybe they come hand in hand.


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