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29 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Oba OB

And I used to think we had big beers back in the states. Take a look at this new item. 1.6 liters of OB mek-ju in a plastic bottle. They just started carrying these a week ago at the store nearby and they can't keep them on the shelves...the local university students buy them all up. They cost only 3,500 won, which is another reason why I don't like going to bars. At a bar you pay 5,000 won for a small bottle and there isn't a notebook computer with ADSL access. Then again, at my home there isn't a hoard of pretty Korean girls hanging around either (well, at least not usually). The problem with this size bottle is that unless you drink it fast, the beer will get warm and flat. Problem solved: I drank it fast. I thought afterward I should feel drunk. Instead I felt tired, extremely full and had to use the bathroom 20 times. Like American beer, Korean beer is light and weak. It's kind of like drinking carbonated water with beer flavor added. Unfortunately it's the only kind of beer I can buy at the store here in Nowhere-dong.


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