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19 November 2003
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Ddong Chim takes another victim. Take a look at one of the funniest news stories in recent memory:

Arrest for "Ddong-Chimming" a Woman

"I don't have a girlfriend. Women seem to hate me. So I ddong chimmed them."

After a female passenger's butt was "ddong chimmed" on the subway, there was an arrest for this unprecedented incident.

On the stairwells of JongGak Station, Dongdaemun Stadium Station and other stations during rush hour, the late twenty-something Mr. Kim (unemployed), approached young women in pantsuits from behind, put both of his hands together, thrust them between their buttocks, and then quietly escaped after performing this bizarre deed.

Mr. Kim's bizarre behavior came to an end on the sixteenth when he was caught by a subway police team at Exit 12 of Dongdaemun Stadium Station. As usual, on this day he was looking around for a "target" at Dongdaemun Stadium Station. But fortunately, subway police were hiding, and they had him in their trap.

Mr. Kim, being unaware of this, spotted a 20-something woman, wearing a pantsuit, inside the station and followed her out. Then while she was standing at a street stall to buy something he came up to her from behind, dong-chimmed her with both hands and ran away. In spite of Mr. Kim's quick getaway, the subway police pursued and caught him.

According to the subway police, "Sexual misconduct happens quite a bit, but this was the country's first case of dong-chimming on the subway." "We were also very shocked," they revealed. Mr. Kim was arrested for sexual misconduct.

A police investigation revealed that Mr. Kim had also been fined in April 2001 for dong-chimming a female pedestrian at Dongdaemun Stadium Station. During the investigation Mr. Kim revealed, "Women seem to hate me, so I dong-chim them."

Nam Tae Hyun - Ilgan Sports


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