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18 November 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Computer Game Addiction

One of my Korean readers sent me a bunch of funny pictures she found on the net. I thought I used to have a computer game addiction when I got hooked on Diablo, Starcraft and other RPG games, but get a load of these losers:

Somebody better call the fire department and report this fire hazard. It seems someone has had way too much to drink and one too many cigarettes by the looks of it - take a look at that keyboard. It's just a matter of time before he kills himself and everyone else in his apartment building.

Another guy with a not so healthy lifestyle. A load of cigarettes, orange cola, soju, beer, ramyon, milk, toilet paper, coffee...looks as if this guy hasn't left his chair in a week. And check it out - he's even got a blanket for when he falls asleep playing his game.

Coca Cola hit the jackpot with this customer. Look at that pile of garbage! I can't imagine what kind of insects are living under in it. This guy's even got two monitors, one for computer games and one for Playstation 2. Judging from that Hulk/Ghost Rider poster and from the lack of booze and cigarettes, this is probably a teenager's bedroom. I'm not sure what kind of parents would put up with this however. Maybe it's a college dormitory.


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