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30 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Strange Conglomerations (3)

Things that I can see in this conglomeration are:

1. a 24 hour spa/sauna on the top floor
2. a wedding hall below the sauna
3. a "Mi-shee-gan" language school, I guess referring to Michigan?
4. some kind of Lego center (hard to see but that's the Lego symbol beneath the wedding hall)
5. a dentist clinic
6. a bank
7. a couple of restaurants
8. a 24 hour convenient store in between two handphone stores.
9. a bakery
10. a bunch of other places I can't make out

The funniest part about this building in my opinion is the wedding hall. Can you imagine having your $25,000 Korean wedding in this place, right under a 24 hour Spa/Sauna and right above a Lego center?

Here's Homeplus. I guess Samsung and Tesco are also in on the deal. It's basically another shopping center like a Walmart Super Center back home but with more groceries. There's also a KFC, Lotteria, and Korean food court in this one. I like the electronics floor. They have everything from electric stoves on up to high-end flat-screen TVs (mostly Samsung go-figure) and notebook computers (Samsung, of course). I bought a couple of shirts and some boxer shorts. I don't like going in these places because they are usually very noisy, jammed pack with people and you have to wait 10 minutes to check-out. The upside is the salespeople leave you alone a lot more than in a small shop. I actually had to go find somebody when I had a question.


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