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30 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - At the Hagwon (4) - Halloween

Well, tomorrow is Halloween. Our school doesn't do anything special for it, thank God. At the nightmare Wonderland school I first worked at in Geoje-do, we spent weeks (mostly in our break time) making decorations, costumes, a cheesy haunted house in a classroom, and planning real trick-or-treating at the parents' high rise apartments. Here I take it upon myself as yet another chance to have the kids draw and color while I sit back, relax, write in my journal or read the newspaper secretly tucked inside my "lessons" folder. First I passed out a sheet of Halloween monsters and then had them draw what they wanted. Let's have a look at what Class 2 from today came up with. (Sorry about the poor picture quality again...not sure what happened).

This one is pretty cute. I love the red and blue theme and smeared (drunk ajumma?) lipstick. Is it me or does it look like the witch was stabbed with the broom instead of riding on it?

Here's the Grim Reaper. I love the blue face and green sickle. Best yet, his evil? smile. If the Grim Reaper exists, I hope he looks like this.

Here's what Fiona drew. That's supposed to be me there hanging out in the graveyard, I guess, as I normally do on Halloween. I look pretty terrified of that angry ghost - and with good reason! In the next scene I've been reduced to 3 bleeding body parts! Thanks a lot, Fiona. (Note the Korean style graves. Those aren't tombstones, they are mounds of earth and grass.)

Hmm, I've yet to see a vampire that looks like this. I've yet to see a yellow pumpkin wearing an orange dress either.

Not a bad looking Zombie. I'm not sure if it's vomiting or if its insides are showing. Pretty gruesome either way.

If this were America, this kid would be taking a trip to the school psychologist. I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this scene, but it's pretty bloody. Apparently, while the helicopter pilot sprays water on the ghosts, a superhero? swoops down, takes off his clothes and throws a gernade on a grave, causing blood to erupt like a volcano and a severed head to appear.


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