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19 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Self Contained Stores

I've seen hundreds of self contained mini-stores before; they usually sell drinks, newspapers, and cigarettes, but I've never seen one that services and shines shoes and also makes duplicate keys. The exclamation in the window reads chin jul! I think meaning kindess, but I may be wrong. I wonder if these shops are legal. Can anyone set one up in an open space? Do you need a permit? Do you pay a bribe? If it were legal to teach privately, I'd consider opening a self contained English school and give private lessons to passers-by for 35,000 won/hour. "English to Go", that's what I'd call it. I'd even sell "English to Go" books and "English to Go" T-shirts (featuring my happy face). Perhaps I'd also serve up some "English to Go" o-daeng to boot.


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