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20 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - In the Interim

I uploaded a bunch of new pics today but won't have time to post and comment until later or maybe tomorrow. In the meantime you can check out this new blog called Lost Seouls. I found a link there to this funny game that will also keep you busy for hours un-end. Swiss James dug it up in his noble, unbridled quest to bring the truth to the world about Korea.

Click here to play the Ddong Chim Game!

You can also read this story which I posted recently on a Korean discussion board:

I went to get my haircut, something I always dread here. I picked a new place near my home, a salon. The ajumma was completely taken off guard by me, same with her assistant. They crowded around me and spent more time asking me questions in Korean than cutting my hair. Finally, my limited Korean ran out. But no matter how many times I said "I hae moteyo," ( I don't understand) they continued to ask me again and again and again... Finally the owner ajumma called her friend who could speak English. This new woman, English name Stella, came running from across town to meet me. Huffing and puffing she sat down next to me and asked me 4,000 questions in English while my hair was being cut - painfully slowly. Finally the haircut ended with a good wash and rinse. This is where the story turns.

I wanted to leave and badly. I had already been there almost 2 hours. But Stella, who is married and has 2 sons, wanted me to eat with her and drink beer. I said no, as I wanted to go to the health club. "Oh," she said. "You use health club?" She followed me out to the hallway and asked for my number. I gave her it out of politeness and tried to go. She followed me all the way to the health club, and then to my amazement, she actually joined the health club, paying for a 3 month membership! Fortunately she didn't have any clothes with her to exercise in and finally left. That night she sent me a text message saying how happy she was to meet me. 9:00 AM next day, she's calling me. I didn't answer. She called me 3 times. Finally I answered and she asked if we could eat together that night.

That night came and she called. I tried to make a story. I said I had to go to E-mart to get a rice cooker. What a lame story, she offered to drive (which was actually convenient for me). During the ride she told me about her boring husband who is overly religious and sings gospels songs every night for 1-2 hours. She told me she wore a slip and did a salsa dance for him and he just looked at her strangely and shrugged...more stories like this followed.

Finally we got back. I got my new Cookoo Rice cooker from the trunk and other things. I shook her hand to say thanks, and she gasped, clasping my hand between hers. "I miss the feel of warm hands - and a hard body," she said looking at my chest. Then she blushed, "I sang hae?" (Is it strange?)

I chuckled and said goodbye and went home. She's called me several more times, but I live in a small town and don't want to start a scandal amongst the neighborhood. I haven't answered her calls since. I'm not sure if I'm over reacting, or if she's really flirting with me. Hmm...


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