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9 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Parking Agashis

While retail employees are all together more numbersome and formal at shopping centers here than in America, they also have duties not found back home. In America parking lots at supermarkets are huge. It can actually take several minutes to walk to the entrance. In Korea, however, most parking is done inside. This of course is to save space. And in Korea, God bless this country, often times they have beautiful, neatly dressed agashis outside to greet you with a bow and direct your car into the parking garage. Inside, more agashis and/or young guys with radio sets direct you to an open space.

A decent example of a parking agashi directing the traffic in and out of some chain store or other. Notice the shorter than average skirt and knee high white boots which they're usually wearing. Some places will have two or three of these women out there. If you're really lucky, the store you're entering will have pretty, scantily clad, privately hired agashis (similar to these girls) promoting various products inside, a future post here for sure.


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