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1 October 2003
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Korea Life Blog - A New Poll (3)

There's a new, exciting poll to vote on. Here are the results of the last pole, now moved to the nostalgic Geoje-do (part 2) - welcome to korea page.

What makes you the angriest?

relentless horn honking! 6 (5%)
loud construction at 6AM 10 (9%)
the vegetable man at 6AM 3 (2%)
idiot foreigners 7 (6%)
idiot foreigners w/hot babes 15 (14%)
no breakfast at McDonald's 13 (12%)
sunshine after a night of soju 3 (2%)
a classroom of screaming kids 8 (7%)
xenophobia 5 (4%)
korea life blog not updated 32 (31%)

With a startling 31% of the votes, "korea life blog not updated" takes the top spot. On one hand, I'm happy people aren't angry much about other things; on the other hand, I'm feeling a little pressure here. Phew, it's getting so I'm afraid to leave the PC bang! Personally I voted for "loud construction at 6AM," but I was tempted to vote for "korea life blog not updated" as well.


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