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10 October 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Comments

I really appreciate when people leave comments. I was disappointed to go back through some of the old posts and discover that all comments up until September have suddenly vanished. I apologize to the people that took the time to comment back then. I don't know what happened. The more things like this happen the more discouraged I become. Maybe it's time to just give it up and stop updating.

Well, I am honestly surprised to see all the comments being left urging me to continue. Thanks everybody! What a nice treat to see 20+ comments today. The more people leave comments, the more I'm encouraged to work on my site.

I found out what happened to the old comments. Haloscan, the free commenting service I started using for my blog back in June or July, is in the process of archiving old comments on a different server. They were running out of resources with over 4,000,000 old comments. If I want them to be available on my blog for readers to see, I will have to pay a donation of $10 to be upgraded to premium service, at which time they will return them to the current server. This is not a bad price, I admit.

I am also facing a real dilemma. When I started this blog, I thought 25 MB of server space would be enough. That was before I bought a digital camera, back when I was writing the Geoje-do stories. Now I'm rapidly approaching my limit. I contacted Blogger, but there is no way to upgrade to more space. This means I either have to delete old posts and pictures or start a new blog soon, which I will probably do when I get my own computer. For now, I'll keep updating here while considering my options, until I'm out of space.


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