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19 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Stray Days

This cat had been hanging around my apartment building off and on for some time. On Chuseok, she looked as lonely as I did. I set her out a plate of tuna. She wouldn't come near me and so I left it and a few minutes later I watched through the window as she gobbled it down. Ever since then I often spot her outside my window lounging around and taking naps, walking around noncholantly or sometimes fighting off promiscuous male cats. Many times I've tried to pet her, but as soon as I get too close she runs and hides. I think it's better that way, as she needs to be wary of people here. Most Koreans dislike cats and kids love to taunt and throw rocks at them. I love cats, as do the majority of western people. Now instead of throwing away my leftovers, I throw them out to her and sometimes give her tuna. She's become a sort of natural pet, I guess, living in her natural environment, retaining her freedom yet making me smile.

Here's a picture of another neighborhood cat in Seoul keeping guard over one of those crane games rigged with the crane game jerk of despair.


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