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7 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Sam Gyeop Sal

I ate sam gyeop sal with my coworkers last week and snapped this mouth watering picture. I just love everything about this meal, from cooking everything up yourself, to mixing it together in leaves and eating. My favorite method is to take a big lettuce leave and then put one of the green leaves on it. Then on that, place a piece of feshly cooked meat, a little onion, a piece of garlic (cooked or uncooked) a little of the salty sam gyeop sal sauce and then a piece of fried up kimchi and maybe a little rice. Then roll it up and stuff the whole thing in your mouth, chew for several minutes, moaning in delight, then wash it down with a swig of beer or soju. Yum! The only thing I don't like about the meal is smelling like dinner for the rest of the night. The smoke envelopes you as you cook. Some reastaurants have incorporated the use of suction fans that come down above the grill and whisk away the smoke, but, while these help, you still end up with hungry cats following you home.


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