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5 September 2003
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Korea Life Blog - A Hero? of the Korean Night

Sometimes after reading an article in the paper, I scratch my head and then laugh out loud. Take a look at this outrageous piece of news found in today's Korea Herald.

Client visits police at 3 a.m. to report alleged brothel

A 34-year-old man, only identified by his initial, P, visited the Gangnam Police Station around 3 a.m. yesterday to report that a massage parlor in Nonhyeon-dong was providing sex to its clients, police authorities said.

According to the investigation report, the man phoned the local police station before entering the massage parlor and told the authorities there that when he called again within a few hours, police should enter the parlor and make a bust.

When the man called after approximately two hours, police authorities could not enter because the doors were locked from the inside, an officer at the Gangnam Police Station said.

Realizing that police authorities were not going to make the bust, the man took pictures of its facilities, hostesses and the services they provided with his cell phone camera. In addition, he took evidence from the site and hid it in his socks before personally visiting the police station, officials said.

"The massage parlor should be punished and closed down for breaking the law and for running an immoral and unethical business, he said. I also knew that I would be punished for going and partaking in the activities at the massage parlor, but I had to do what was right."

The man also added that if at all possible, he would continue to help the police authorities crack down on underground prostitution rings.


By Hong Seo-rim

Yes, every once in a while, a true hero is born, going so far as to partake in dubious sexual activities (and willing to continue to do so), snap secret photos, and stuff "evidence" into his socks all in the name of morality and justice. (I don't know about you, but I can't help wonder exactly what "evidence" he stuffed in his socks.)

On a side note, it's comforting to know that all you apparently need to do if someone reports you for a crime is to lock your doors.


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