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14 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - A Load of Garbage

I still have no idea where to put my trash. Nobody does. I used to put it outside of my building next to everyone elses trash, but the landlord cracked down. The respected older man was outside the building one night - drunk as a hanguk skunk as usual - and lectured me for about an hour in Korean about not putting my garbage outside (then made me go to his restaurant and drink bek se ju and eat side dishes while he lectured me some more while his wife told me how smart her sons are and how one is going to Stanford next year or something...)

When I asked the landlord where to put the trash, he shrugged and pointed somewhere down the main street where a small pile had formed on the sidewalk in front of a random pole. So now, along with my other neighbors, in the late hours of the night, I am forced to put on dark clothes and sneak away to shamefully toss my garbage on the heap.

Here is a photo of that pile now, several weeks later. It continues to grow and grow with no sign of abating, as far as I can see. Perhaps someday it will grow so large that it will replace of the entire sidewalk. The only good side is that the stray cats and dogs don't go hungry. Hmm, I think I can use that umbrella....


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