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13 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Don Cass

Here's a mouth-watering photo of my dinner in Gangnam, Seoul yesterday, don cass. It's a Japanese-style fried pork cutlet. It usually comes with some cabbage salad, dipping sauces, skimpy portions of rice, kimchi, and beets, and a small hot bowl of U-dong (pronouced oo-dong, but i think the u-dong spelling is much funnier). This particular restaurant also serves a cup of some sort of strange tofu/egg cream (behind the rice). The meal is not bad at 6,000 won, or about $5.25, but typically after eating Japanese food, I'm hungry not long later. I've eaten more Korean style don cass dinners with strange flat chunks of "pork cutlet" and much bigger portions of rice and kimchi. That style is also usually cheaper but not as delicious, in my opinion.


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