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16 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - The Korean English Teachers' Lessons (2) - Dirty Boy

I snuck a peak at what the Korean English teachers are teaching today. This is what I saw. Seeing a cartoon of a boy pooping may seem shocking to anyone who hasn't lived here, but it's actually quite normal. There's seems to be a fascination with ddong here...the kids always draw pictures of it. And in my favorite Korean movie The Way Home, (click on the name to see a review of the movie, it's really worth seeing and is available in the states) there's a couple of scenes of the grandmother watching the boy poop like this when he gets sick. But what is shocking to me about this cartoon, however, is that the medicine apparently was not absorbed into the boy's body, yet has miraculously made him feel better (yet didn't stop the ever runny nose, of course). Now what's even more shocking is that the boy's poop is powerful enough to knock out flies, worms and even rats instantly.


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