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17 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Chicken Crazy

I live in a tiny town outside of Suwon where there is pretty much one or two of everything. There's one small hospital, one pharmacy, one video store, one bakery, one dry cleaner, one room salon, one no rae bang, one church, two PC rooms, a few small grocery stores, etc. However, to my amazement, there's a whopping 8 fried chicken restaurants! - not to mention the fried chicken stand in the grocery store, and the fried chicken restaurant coming soon.

I've talked about this before, but it still amazes me. I thought America was famous for fried chicken until I came to Korea. While not well known for it, Koreans are chicken eating fanatics. One of their (and my) favorite things to do is to eat friend chicken over a couple of cold frosty mugs of beer. You might not notice if you haven't learned to read Korean, but there is literally a place to get fried chicken on every corner. Here is part of the collection from around my town:

This one is open into the wee hours of the morning. I'm not sure if it ever closes, actually. Many nights I've come home late to see people stumbling out of this place. The chicken is just OK. I hate the places that include the chicken's fried neck and other peculiar pieces.

There's the lone pharmacy conveniently located next to the lone hospital. What better place than above a pharmacy for a fried chicken/beer restaurant! Right after you chow down you can stop downstairs for some indigestion pills and some aspirin for tomorrow's hangover. The name this chicken restaurant is a little strange. In case you can't read Korean it's called: Hand Down Bake Chicken. I'm not sure about their baked chicken, but they really do have the best fried chicken around, hands down.

Here is Bobos chicken and beer restaurant. It's located right next to the other two mentioned above - (all three of these are within a 20 second walk of each other). Bobo means kiss in Korean. I agree, nothing more romantic than fried chicken and beer! Too bad the chicken here is awful and the fried neck is included.

Well, that's all the pics I took. I think part of the reason there are so many chicken restaurants is because Koreans love to drink, as everybody knows. And when they drink, they always have some kind of food. Fried chicken and beer go perfectly together. I'd like to see some cool places like these back home...


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