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2 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Hongdae Club Night

The last Friday of every month is "Club Night" in Hongdae, Seoul. For a one time fee of 15,000 Won, or about $12.00, you can go into all the clubs that participate. You pay at the first club you enter and they give you a wristband and a ticket for a free drink. The upside to the event is it's an extremely popular time to go out, party and dance until the early morning. The downside is that all the clubs are extremely crowded, literally jammed packed and it's difficult to dance and very hot. But you can escape the clubs and hang around outside, drinking cheap beer from the convenience store and meeting new people.

An average shot of people on the street in Hongdae. The mass confusion, the pulsating energy, the decision on which club to hit.

Another shot of the streets outside. There are throngs and throngs of people out and about.

Behind the bar at Hodge Podge, one of the more popular clubs amongst foreigners. Just standing there I became saturated in sweat. Just looking at the scantily clad bar girl, I became staurated in sweat. Whoa!

A shot of my friend, Chad from Texas. Despite his shaved head, he's not a GI, he's tired of telling people.

Sure is crowded. That foreigner is thinking, "It's getting hot in here. I wanna take off all my clothes..."

If you get too hot and the drinks become too expensive (a beer will run you 5,000 won or more in a club), you can go outside and cool off, stop at a convenient store and buy a few beers and drink them outside. There is no ridiculous open-container law here.

Another shot of Hodge Podge. It was so crowded. All I could do is hold my camera up and snap blindly.

Drinking beer and dancing the night away. There's that foreigner again. He appears to be having fun, yet seems a little perplexed and overwhelmed. That's right, because it's 4:30 in the morning and look at the place...

Everybody put your hands in the air. Oh yeah, feel the techno beat pulsating and throbbing through your very soul!

What can I say, yet another shot. Things are getting intense. The music is kicking in hard. Just have a good time and forget about those whiny students that give you a headache every day.

The Korean flag hangs on the wall of the club, people dancing, laughing, drinking. Ah, welcome to Korea!


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