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30 August 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - New Poll (2)

There's a new, exciting poll to vote on. Here are the results of the last pole, now moved to Seoul 1 page.

After living in Korea, what has changed about you the most?

I'm Korean. This is my home. 21 (19%)
I can't live without kimchi 6 (5%)
I keep toilet paper on my desk 13 (12%)
I'm an alcoholic now 24 (22%)
I never want to go back home 5 (4%)
I can speak Korean fluently! 5 (4%)
I realize MY culture is boring 12 (11%)
I'm popular and chicks love me 13 (12%)
I hate my life really badly 1 (0%)
I read Korea Life Blog daily 6 (5%)

106 Total votes

So "I'm an alcoholic now" has taken the top spot. "I keep toilet paper on my desk" takes a stunning 12% of the vote. I voted for "I'm popular and chicks love me!" all though I'm not sure if I can live without kimchi now.


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