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5 August 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Back Home

Well, I'm back in Korea...nice, safe Korea. I'm really exhausted. It was an awful schedule back. The plane left Manila at 12:30 AM, and was supposed to arrive at 4:50 in Incheon, but was delay 45 minutes cause of heavy fog. We flew around the airport until we could land. I didn't get to my apartment until 9:00 AM. I had to work at 3, so I tried to sleep, but they were doing contruction next to my home and the drills were so loud. I lay awake cursing, maybe slept an hour. As tired as I was, I still came here to the PC room. I got all my pics onto this computer only to find out I can't ftp them to my website because of some error with this PC. I really need my own computer badly. Anyone want to donate to my noble cause? Click below.


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