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14 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - What a Waste

I heard that South Koreans throw away more food than North Korea has to eat. I believe this is true. If you pass by any restaurant on a regular basis you will likely see bags and bags of food waste piled up on the curb. Millions of Americans grow up hearing their parents tell them, "finish all the food on your plate, they're are people starving to death..." I guess it hit home for me, because I really dislike wasting food. I do finish everything, as best I can. If something drops on the floor, I'll rinse it off an eat it. If somebody cringes at this, I'll pee in their soup. People really are starving. That's just how I was raised, anyway. While no doubt Americans waste food, South Korea is exceptionally ridiculous, no offense to the culture because I really love the food here. Most meals are served with a lot of side dishes. I regularly see people eat just a little or not even touch them at all, eating only the main dish. Take a look at this BBC article. (click here)

Look at these garbage bags full of wasted food. It's really not funny. It's sad.

Now click here to see a little girl starving in North Korea. Don't click here if you don't want to see it.


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