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23 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - The Old Man with a Wart

After looking at some books of them at my school, I have become more interested lately in reading Korean folk tales for children. The stories are usually interesting and comical, the animations cute, sometimes ridiculous and bizarre. I stopped at a bookstore the other day and had a look.

I snapped this picture when the book store ajushi wasn't looking. It's a sneaky business these days to entertain my readers. Ths is a classic example of a well known story here: The Old Man with a Wart. (I'm not too sure that thing is really a wart. He'd better get it checked out quickly...he may well be The Old Man with Two Buck Teeth and a Hideous Malignant Tumor.) Notice the unique sounds the wind and owls make in Korea.

Other Korean books for kids. Note the silly animations. I wish I knew Korean better, I'd really like to read these.


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