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19 June 2003
South Korean Flag

The Seoul Blog - Chinese Bokum Bap

Check out this Korean Chinese food known as Bokum Bap (fried rice). Chinese food in Korea is completely different than American Chinese food, leaving me to wonder what exactly Chinese food is really like in China. Anyway, I ordered this on the phone for lunch. One of my favorite parts about Korea is ordering food. They deliver it ultra quick by scooter. The food is piping hot on real dishes wrapped in shrinkwrap. They even deliver the utenisils! After you finish eating, you put all the dishes and garbage outside your door, and they actually come back and pick them up. Another perk is Koreans don't tip and the tax is included. This huge meal cost me only 3,500 Won, or about $3.00. There's a lot of rice there once you spread it out. Then you can add that tasty black sauce to it and mix it all together. Mouth watering delight!