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30 June 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Samsung Computers

Samsung is a well known company throughout the world. If you've never been to Korea, you probably know Samsung makes TVs, monitors and handphones. In fact, they just secured the number one position in LCD display sales worldwide. What you may not know about Samsung (especially if you're American) is that in Korea they make sleek, well designed, top quality computers. (They also make ships, apartment complexes, select automobiles, construction equipment, air conditioners, washing machines, copy machines, cameras, and anything esle you can think of - I've even seen eaten at Samsung owned restaurants...)

Take a look at this site to see some cool Samsung Computers:

Desktops (click here) and Notebooks (click here)

If you're computer can't show Korean, no matter - just click on the pictures and drool.

A display outside of Suwon Station showing off Samsung's latest computers. Hey! Where are the sexy dancers? What a jip!


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