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29 June 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Dangerous Road

Driving in Korea is all around dangerous. Not only are there too many people on the roads, too many careless drivers, etc., but sometimes the roads themselves are just plain dangerous. The worst is in the mountains. The busses zip and zoom up and around narrow roads through the high hills - the only barrier between the road and steep drop offs: old, rusty, frail railings.

Also, many roads have deep draining ditches running alongside them without so much as a railing or warning bumps to protect hapless drivers. My stomach twirls when I see the bus's wheels about to plummet off the edge, certain to flip the buss over, killing us all - only to swerve back onto the road just in time.

Here is the road that runs along side my apartment. Notice the deep drop off and no railing.

Another angle of the road. As if this isn't dangerous enough, there are no lights here at night. Don't forget to buckle up!


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