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1 July 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Korea Bound

Someone referred me to the following blog as there are a couple of short posts about the books. The author of the site ordered books and has the pics to prove it, including this one that cracked me up and made my day.

It's always nice to see someone out there that I don't really know making innocent Koreans pose with a copy of KLB - Special Edition! That made my day. Thanks, Mike. Very funny photo indeed! Now, if you can only get Tony Blair holding that thing, I'd be set for awhile. Are you ready for the challenge? Oops, wrong country. I guess Mike is not from England, but rather London, Ontario, Canada. I didn't know Canada had a London, but then again, I'm from Liverpool, New York. Well, I guess a new challenge is in order. Maybe Mike can get some of these famous people to hold it! Maybe even Peter North! By the way, I didn't know half the people on that list were Canadians, did you?

Anyway, make sure you check it out Mike's website here: Korea Bound


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