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6 July 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Beijing (11)

Since I haven't done a good job of taking touristy pictures of Beijing (because I'm just not that interested in going to touristy places) I thought I'd post a link to a site with lots of information and pictures about the usual spots of interest in Beijing. Just pretend like I'm standing in front of all the nice places...



Jake and I were going to take a 10 hour trip to Dalian where we planned on relaxing for 5 days, swimming and watching Chinese girls romp around in bikinis. However, my tourist visa is to expire soon. Jake also needed to buy a 6 month extension himself as he's finishing his job this week. We dropped off our passports, but cursed to find out they will take a full week to process.

Unfortunately, a foreigner in China can't register in any hotel without a passport as the communist government needs to know where everyone is at every moment. There's a chance some might let us stay, but it's also peak tourist season so they may be more apt to turn us away. Now we're stuck here in Beijing still, though it's not all that bad. I have a lot of things I want to do here yet. Maybe I will have to get out to some touristy spots after all. I'm semi-interested in seeing the Great Wall at least and maybe the Forbidden City. The weather has been horrendous, though, making it hard to do much. The avergae temperature has been between 36-40 degrees C (just below and just above 100 F) every day + humid as hell, which I can't figure out since most of China is a desert! It's hard to even breathe outside.

Well, I'm going to sweat my way over to the health club for now. By the way, last night I had the best Korean style Chinese food featuring tangsuyuk and jja jang myung, the best I've ever had. Wait until you see!


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