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11 June 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Gangnam One More Time

The updates just keep coming lately. That's because John doesn't have a TV and the only thing I have to do is take pictures and post. Here are the last pics of Gangnam I took:

A fancy building and a Burger King sign. Hard to get a pic around here without some western fast food place in it. Just like America! Well, here are some better ones:

That day I was brave with the camera. I just stopped and took pictures of whatever. I love Korean street food and so it was nice to get some pictures.

Some place where people can eat the street food and drink soju (cheap Korean liquor) with it.

When I snapped a picture of the soju tent, the donut guy next door got jealous and asked me to take his picture too....

Another building. I guess it's not too special, but here it is anyway.

Another Gangnam subway exit/entrance. Another Samsung ad.

In Korea cellphones are for sale pretty much everywhere. Lots of nice ones here. As to be expected, all Samsung.

Back outside, more street food pictures. Here's a pretty young lady getting a plate of deok bokki (slimy rice cake thingies in firey red sauce). Good timing on the shot. Oh wait, that's someone else's hand, I think.

I guess these shots are out of order but I don't have much time to fix things. This is down inside Gangnam station again.

Back outside, more buildings. The big one further down is the Kyobo building. There's a gigantic bookstore on the bottom two floors.

I don't know how these guys get away with selling fake DVDs (burned onto DVD-R disks) in the middle of such an upscale area is beyond me. At $9 a pop they're a ripoff too.

Wow, more street food. I guess you're pretty sick of these shots by now...

Some side street near John's place. Not too exciting, but thought I'd throw it in for those who said they are moving here soon.

More westernization here. The ubiquitous McDs and some movie billboards.

The one thing about Gangnam is that all of the most beautiful girls in Korea (and maybe the world) live or hang out here. It drives you crazy, really. It's like Darwinism at it's best. And they don't like western guys either because, let's face it, we're poor English teachers - not rich Korean businessmen with nice cars and plasma TVs and loads of moola. I know a lot of you want to see pictures of the girls here, but come on, it's not easy to stand outside and snap picture of beautiful girls walking around. This was the best I could do before losing my nerve again and, as you can see, I didn't do a great job. Maybe in the future I could shoot a video - I guess that would make it easier, now that I think about it.

I haven't been to this club, but John and other people have said lots and lots of pretty girls hang out. The problem though is that it gets overcrowded and you can't even move.

Well, that's it. Check back again soon for an update. I'm leaving the country at 9:30 AM tomorrow. And I'm bringing John's camera!


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