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1 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Weekend Fun

John came up again for the weekend. That's three weekends in a row in case you're counting. He likes hanging out with us and we like having him here.

Last night Julie went with her co-worker, Jen, from Canada, to see Paul Van Dyk, a famous German DJ. I guess he's famous anyway. Personally I've never heard of him, but it seems everyone else has. Then again, I'm usually out of touch with what's hip and hot, so that's no surprise. Since John and I aren't really into the dance scene (I dance like a deformed duck) we elected to go to a popular bar in Bupyeong. Alex, a Canadian guy I met at the health club, came along too. It was pretty quiet there - I assume everyone was worn out from "Club Day," the ever popular, once-a-month nightclub party in Hongdae (you pay about $15 to get a bracelet that gets you into all the clubs) on Friday, but we still had a decent time. We ate fried chicken outdoors on the deck of a packed restaurant at 3:30 in the morning then got a taxi home and had more drinks at a local bar until around 5:00. Alex took off, but me and John weren't finished yet. We got a bunch of lousy sandwhiches from a convenient market and a couple of beers and sat across from the police station behind my building eating, drinking and carrying on. It was a nice night to be outside and a perfect temperature. A lot of fun.

When we finally returned home, I was a bit sad to see Julie hadn't returned yet. I handed John the Xbox controller and went upstairs to crash. The sun was just about to rise. When I woke up, at around 10:00 this morning, I found Julie snuggled against me. Turns out she had a great time too. "The best DJ ever," she kept saying in her sleep. Squinting and rubbing my face, I looked downstairs to see poor John sleeping on the hard floor, soring loudly, sprawled out with no blanket or cushion, not even a pillow. Julie made my laugh, telling me how when she came home, John scared her a bit because he was sleeping with his eyes open, or at least with one eye open, and snoring like "an elephant," she said. His left eye was bloodshot and irritated all day long.

Anyway, after Julie made sure we were both awake, she went back to sleep upstairs. John and I stayed up and watched Roger and Me, Michael Moore's first documentary about GM's plant closings in Flint Michigan and how they basically destroyed the city. John kept having to go to the bathroom. He was suffering from the "fire chicken" he ate last night. Before we even went out yesterday, he picked up a package of pre-cooked chicken from Walmart. Turns out it was fiery hot, but John was so hungry at the time he ate it all. It basically sat like a lump of hot coals in his stomach until tonight. He went to the bathroom 5 times today. Of course, that couldn't have anything to do with the 5 shots of Tequilla he ordered at 4 in the morning...

Welp, despite our hangovers we still had a pretty good day. It was hot outside. Around 4:00 we sweated our way to Subway and picked up three subs. When we returned with the food, Julie was finally awake and showered. We feasted on the subs then I fell asleep watching John play a video game. Julie, too, claiming she was hungover (she had one shot of Tequilla last night) went back to bed yet again. John woke us up around 7:00, saying he wanted to go home. Then we all started talking and watching TV. About two hours later the group of us went shopping at Homeplus where we ate huge, delicious mandu dumplings. John finally got the bus back to Gangnam around 11:00 and was home by 11:45. Nice. The train would take forever.

I was supposed to do a few things today, drop of copies of my book at What the Book? in Itaewon, pick up some deoderant at the black market there, buy a camera in Yongsan etc., but, as you can see, I failed. I should be able to get all that done this week anyway, since I have Thursday and Friday off for Children's Day.


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