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31 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Gangnam (3)

Well, here are the last of the pics I took the other day. I'll have to get some shots of the nice modern buildings around the area soon. All of these shots of the immediate area. For some reason, of all the places I've lived in Korea, Gangnam has proven to be my least favorite - though that may be just because I'm not an upper class Korean to which the place is suited.

I told you these vendors get busy at night. This is the only area in the country where the street food is priced in a league of its own. O-daeng will set you back 700 won for one compared to 300-500 elsewhere, for example.

Here's a corner down the street from John's house. Surprise, McDonald's and Baskin Robbins!

Here's one of the only shots I managed to get of the modern architecture around here. One of the only good things about living in this area is that it's fairly clean and modern.

This is John's street. It's weird as you're in a quiet residential area like this one minute, then in the thick of the night life the next, all within a three minute walk.

This just pissed me off. Keeping a pig as a pet outside of your pork restaurant is tasteless and cruel.

I told you there are a lot of hip, trendy places to eat around here. Here's a restaurant selling post-modern egg dinners. Which set should I try...

Is it this one? Hmm...that mayonaise looks tastey....

No, no, it has to be one of these. I'm not sure who came up with the idea for this place but do people really find these appetizing? I didn't see anybody eating there when I passed, actually.

Well, that's it for now. I'll get back out there with John's camera to get some better pics than these...


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