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13 April 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Half Day

There was a little mixup with payment for our internet connection. Turns out they weren't automatically debiting Julies account the last few months as we assumed, and so they cut off our connection yesterday. We called up and they gave us an account number to pay from the post office (you can pay most bills at the post office). After work today, I went down and forked over the dough. Now this is amazing. By the time I got home, 10 minutes later, the connection was back on.

I had a half day at work today and will have the same tomorrow. Turns out the school is taking the kids on a trip again, but as usual a few kids stay behind for whatever reason so I have to teach them. Now I wouldn't mind this if I had all 4 classes, but Bonnie decided to combine all these remainder kids into 2 classes. So, today I taught from 1 until 3 o'clock, two classes full of kids from different levels. Same thing tomorrow. Of course, I don't get paid for the missed classes either - though I'm absolutely certain Bonnie will get the same payment - and I have to travel 90 minutes one way just to basically baby sit, since I can't go ahead with my usual lessons. Oh, and I heard another complaint from Bonnie, who came in yet again last week to watch me, that our kids speak Korean too much. Yeah, of course they do. They're 8 - 10 years old (in the class she watched) and sit in groups for 50 minutes. It's a miracle they don't speak Korean more than what little they do each day. I swear I'm about ready to flip Bonnie the bird too.

I guess she said some other things too but Cathy, seeing me turn red, quickly changed the subject. Just as well. These kind of comments get to me because I have never worked so hard to teach English before and have never been so effective, yet I never get any positive feedback from Bonnie or the school (luckily I do from the parents sometimes) - just petty, irksome complaints.

Well, the sun is out and I'm home early. Now that I've finished A Civil Action, it's time to pick up a new book, so I'm going across the street to Rodamco Department Store.

Speaking of books, I've got a big stack I want to unload. No use keeping around books you're never going to read again. Any suggestions as to what I should do with them? I was thinking of selling them to a used bookstore, but for what little they're likely to give me, I may as well give them to a library or something.


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