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28 April 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Birthday Gig

I take back every bad thing I've ever said about Bonnie. She was very nice today and even gave me a bottle of Jacob's Creek Australian Chardonnay, which by coincidence is one of my favorite wines. I love Chardonnay.

The kids were plain terrible all day. A few times Bonnie said they need more discipline and they shouldn't speak Korean so much. What can you expect though when you're throwing a birthday party? Later she said not to worry, she knows she's the reason the kids were acting up and it was important they have fun today. That was nice of her. Personally the kids had me so crazy I almost snuck into the bathroom to down the wine. If only I had had a corkscrew with me.

Julie's having a belated birthday dinner with coworkers (is it me or does it seem our birthday celebrations just keep going on and on?) so I stopped off at Walmart and picked up some boneless strips of chicken breast, a package of mushrooms and some soy sauce. I'm cooking now and will eat alone. Then it's off to the health club. Going to do cardio today to work off this growing gut. I'm getting a little better with the jumprope but basically I have no coordination. Still, it's good exercise and it works for me. I can't stand running machines. Plus it gives me an excuse to watch the aerobics class, as the jump ropes are next to the window. Oh, in case you've been following, Julie never did sign-up. She's just too tired after work. Who can blame her? She leaves here at 9:00 AM and doesn't get home until 7 or 8 usually. At least she seems to like her job. That would drive me nuts - unless it was for a lot of moolah.

After the health club I will come home and watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with Julie. I never thought I'd get into a show with that name, but it is pretty good. Acually I don't like watching TV that much, but Julie does and I catch myself getting interested in the shows she watches just because they're on. Next thing I know, I'm hooked.

Julie usually hits the sack at around 11 these days. She doesn't have much free time during the week, poor girl. But we have 4 days off next week - something to look forward to. Since I don't get up until around 10:00, I usually stay awake until 2:00 or later using the computer, chatting to my friends and family (mostly my sister giving me a long list of reasons to never have kids) playing XBOX, then I drift to sleep watching a video.

Well, time to eat my chicken dinner. Thank you for reading this exciting post. Have a nice day.


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